St. Croix Valley Brittany Club
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St. Croix Valley Brittany Club
"Dedicated to Improving the Breed"

The Club
The St. Croix Valley Brittany club was started in 1979 by a group of hunting dog enthusiasts who were looking to make the Brittany a more versatile gun dog. Although primarily a Brittany Club, other breeds are represented. Our club's main objective is to improve the breed, as well as providing club members with training opportunities and advice for the average Brittany owner. The St. Croix Valley Brittany Club is a member of the American Brittany Club, the American Kennel Club and is a recognized breed sponsor by the American Field.

Breed Standard
The Brittany is a small dog, weighing about 30 to 40 pounds, and from 17-1/2 to 20-1/2 inches at the shoulder. The Brittany can be Orange & white or liver & white in either clear or roan patterns, or tri-colored. The Brittany is considered one of America's most popular gun dogs. The Brittany points game and retrieves. Is energetic and quick of movement with an exceptionally keen nose and a very biddable disposition. They can be tailess or have a docked tail of approximately 4 inches. The first Brittany was registered with the AKC in 1934, named for the French province.

Meetings: The 1st Tuesday of every month (except February, July & November)
Winter: Annual Banquet, Winter Hunt.
Spring: Fun Run, AKC Field Trial, AKC Walking Field Trial, AKC Hunt Test.
Summer: Summer Training Sessions.
Fall: Game Fair.

Officers & Directors
PresidentDavid Carlson612-210-3318dave@moha-mn.org
1st VP (FieldTrials)Steve Ralph651-464-5177mail@blazinbritts.com
2nd VP (Membership)Susan Januschka651-485-4765gmount@centurytel.net
3rd VP (HuntTests)Mary Tyson612-516-1655ms.tyson@hotmail.com
SecretaryJohn Chejne612-554-9178jchejne@comcast.net
TreasurerJohn Chejne612-554-9178jchejne@comcast.net
DirectorRod Dobey320-282-6959rdobey@stcloudstate.edu
DirectorShelby Wenberg763-229-7897anniew500@yahoo.com

Committees (Chairman & Secretaries)
Banquet Chair: David Carlson dave@moha-mn.org
Winter Hunt Chair: David Carlson dave@moha-mn.org
Fun Run Chair: John Lindback johnny1107@outlook.com
Field Trials Chair: Steve Ralph mail@blazinbritts.com
  Sec. (Spring): David Carlson dave@moha-mn.org
  Sec. (Walking): Susan Januschka gmount@centurytel.net
  Sec. (Fall): Steve Ralph mail@blazinbritts.com
Training Sessions Chair: John Chejne jchejne@comcast.net
Game Fair Chair: Dave Carlson dave@moha-mn.org
Hunt Tests Chair: Jim Hewitt j2hewitt@comcast.net